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Sample Session

This 45 minute consultation session is less time than a full session and offered at the special price of $50 because if you're new to hypnosis and feel more curious than committal at first, it's the perfect opportunity to get a taste of what a session will be like without the deep trance as we clear up any mysteries around hypnosis and discuss the best path to success going forward. 
First time clients only.

Hypnosis Reiki Session

It's time to clear out what is no longer needed in order to make space for something much better. 
A combination of hypnosis, NLP, energy psychology, followed by angelic reiki will guide you through shifts in consciousness, deep trance, and powerful change work to align with your higher self, enhance the mind/body/spirit connection, experience balance, clarity, and achieve your goals.

Virtual Mindscaping

Are you ready for a breakthrough with what has been blocking you from achieving your dreams? Take a deep dive into your unconscious through a guided journey of the deepest realms of your mind. 
MINDSCAPING is a light hypnotic process that brings you to an awakened dreamstate while accessing hidden parts of your consciousness to allow you to overcome mental barriers, gain insight into your relationships, build the motivation to make powerful changes and live life with ease. 

When you talk about it
it's a dream
When you envision it
it's exciting
When you plan it
it's possible
When you schedule it
it's real


About Me

Caterina Romano, CH

Since 2012 I've been seeing clients at one of the highest rated hypnosis establishments in New York City.  After six years of gaining invaluable experience, I felt it was time to expand on my own and HEALnewyorkcity was born.


I am currently certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists and the International Association of Counselors and Therapists. I specialize in change work that utilizes hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping), as well as integrating a number of other proven methods to produce rapid change on both the conscious and unconscious level.

I graduated San Diego State University with a BA in Psychology and continue my studies in neuroscience, energy psychology, the Law of Attraction, Kabbalah, and various philosophies of holistic healing. I am certified in NLP, positive psychology, life coaching, a graduate of the Landmark Curriculum, and a certified Usui Reiki and Angelic Reiki master and instructor. 

Client Reviews

Thank you Caterina.  Her and I have been working together for about a year now and I am a different person because of the tools she has given me.  It started out with me wanting to heal over a break up that had me really out of my element.  She taught me techniques on how to shift my thinking which lead me to raising my vibration which ultimately lead to an abundance of breakthroughs in my life.  (I should probably also thank that break up!).  This woman can help you rid yourself of those bad feelings through hypnosis, meditation, reiki, Law of Attraction, the tapping method, breathing through the heart....the list goes on and on.  I am a different person since I met her and I am very appreciative for the path that Caterina has helped to put me on.  I trust that she can help you as well.  Thank you Caterina.

Jason C.


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Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis has been described as a relaxed state of focused concentration. It is when your mind is elevated to receive suggestions that can re-code your brain and body for be in alignment with your goals. It’s a process that combines re-forming habits and practices as well as moods, ideas and emotions. Was there a time when you were so engrossed in a certain activity, that you forgot about everything else? This is a perfect example of hypnosis or trance. When we watch a movie and are mesmerized by the story. Or when we’re so involved in your work that several hours have passed without noticing. Or, when reading a book and being startled when someone enters the room and speaks to you. They “woke” you from your trance. We experience hypnosis naturally every day, several times a day. It’s not brain-washing, voodoo or magic. It’s an instrument that gives you the ability to access the power of your mind and positively influence your life.

Can anyone be hypnotized?

Absolutely! As long as you are consenting to be hypnotized, you can be. As you work with an experienced hypnotist, they will determine which techniques to use to provide you the most benefit. Most of our clients experience ease in achieving hypnosis and experience the benefit after the session has ended.

Will I lose control?

No. You must consent to be hypnotized. You will be conscious and aware during the session and will not be made to do anything you don’t want to do. You can’t be forced to disclose secrets or information against your will. Another myth about hypnosis is the potential client who thinks they may be too strong-willed for hypnosis. The opposite is true for people like this. If you have a strong ability to focus and concentrate, you will find it easy to go into a hypnotic state.

Will I be asleep?

No. Your awareness is actually increased while in hypnosis. The person in hypnosis is fully aware of their environment. They can hear sounds of cars outside or people talking in the next room, which demonstrates that the subject is alert and in control. You will be able to recall everything that happened while you were in hypnosis and we also use post-hypnotic suggestions to enhance your experience.

Is hypnosis dangerous?

Everyone experiences hypnosis in their daily lives without realizing it. The American Medical Association has recognized the use of hypnosis since 1958.Hypnosis is safe when it is performed by a professional, skilled practitioner. The only time hypnosis is considered dangerous, is when you are driving a car or operating machinery. No case has been documented where harm was done to a person from hypnosis.

What does it feel like?

Some people describe it as a pleasantly relaxed state. Most people are amazed at how natural the process feels and were expecting to be completely unconscious. There are common misconception with hypnosis as we see on TV or in the movies, that have us believe it’s a “magical state” that takes control of the body. But in hypnosis, we are alert, aware and in control while completely relaxed. As you are in this state, your mind will focus on experiencing the suggestions that you are being given.

I have a friend who tried hypnosis, and they said it didn’t work – what happened?

There are a few things at play here. The client must be willing to change and the hypnotist must be skilled. If there is no desire for change, like a person who is coming for a session for smoking cessation but is only there to make their spouse happy, they are not ready to accept the suggestions given to cause change. If there is a desire for change, and the smoker is tired of being addicted, they are a prime candidate for hypnosis success. Each person is treated in a unique fashion and a customized program will be created based on your individual needs.

How long does it take?

The first session is usually 2 hours while subsequent sessions are booked in 90 minute segments. Your sense of time will be skewed while in hypnosis and what seems like just a few minutes of hypnosis, is in reality 30-45 minutes. It is possible to see change immediately after your session. We schedule our clients for at least 4 sessions to ensure the time needed to reinforce positive suggestions. A series of sessions also allows time to train you in self-hypnosis and to provide tools to enhance success and solidify change. Hypnosis is a process but most clients see positive results after the first session. Contact us for more information on price of sessions and availability.

What is energy psychology?

Energy psychology is a collection of mind-body approaches for understanding and improving human functioning. Energy psychology focuses on the relationship between thoughts, emotions, sensations, and behaviors, and known bioenergy systems (such as meridians and the biofield).

What is your refund and cancellation policy?

No refunds, although the sessions are transferrable and can be gifted if the purchaser is no longer able to attend. Video or phone sessions can be accomodated as well. Please call/text or email at least 24 hours before our scheduled appointment if you need to reschedule to avoid the $50 late cancel fee. Much appreciated!




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