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Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT tapping can be used for anxiety, interrupting negative patterns, breaking down mental blocks, and just about any other feeling you would like to change.

Feel free to check out for the fastest and most simplified version of tapping I've found so far.

Below is some additional info but if you've had a session with me in my office you might remember me saying to not overthink it, its more of an intuitive process and it all starts with acknowledging the negative feeling and then allowing it to transform as you tap with the intention to release it.

EFT Tapping Points: What Emotion Connects to Each Tapping Point?

♦ ♦ KC (1) Karate Chop Point - The Karate Chop point is mainly used for; the EFT setup statement, psychological reversals and simple tapping techniques (STT). It is an alternative for the sore spot EFT point.

The karate chop point is located on the soft fleshy part of the non-dominant hand, between the base of the pinky finger and the wrist. We would use this is the part of the hand break a board... 'karate chop' style.

Releases: psychological reversal (feeling stuck or frozen), inability to let go, resistance to change, sorrow, feeling vulnerable, worry, obsession, compulsive behavior. Allows: Ability to move forward, letting go of the old, healing from grief, finding happiness in and connecting to the present moment. (Small Intestine Meridian)

♦ ♦ TH (2) Top of Head Point - This point (set of points) is located at the top of the head and was added several years ago at an EFT conference. Since then, it has been widely accepted by Gary Craig and many of the others in the EFT community.

This is an important energy center since many meridians meet at the top of the head. It is also in the area of the 7th. or Crown Chakra, which is a spiritual energy center. Some say that stimulating this area wakes up the entire energy system and encourages the body-mind to pay attention to what we are about to address. This point is highly sensitive and its important to be very gentle when tapping!

Releases: Inner critic, 'gerbil wheel' thinking, lack of focus. Allows: Spiritual connection, insight, intuition, focus, wisdom, spiritual discernment, clarity. ('Hundred Meeting Points' Meridian)

♦ ♦ EB (3) Eyebrow Point - This point is located on the dominant side at the beginning of the eyebrow, just up and over from the bridge of the nose.

Releases: Trauma, hurt, sadness, restlessness, frustration, impatience, restlessness and dread. Allows: Peace and emotional healing. (Bladder Meridian)

♦ ♦ SE (4) Side of Eye Point - Located on the dominant side at the end of the eyebrow, this point falls on the boney protrusion at the leading edge of the temple.

Releases: Rage, anger, resentment, fear of change and muddled thinking. Allows: Clarity and compassion. (Gall Bladder Meridian)

♦ ♦ UE (5) Under Eye Point - Located on the bone underneath the eye, directly under the pupil.

Releases: Fear, anxiety, emptiness, worry, nervousness and disappointment. Allows: Contentment, calmness, and feeling safe. "All is well'. (Stomach Meridian)

♦ ♦ UN (6) Under Nose Point - Located under the nose, in the little crevice above the upper lip.

Releases: Embarrassment, powerlessness, shame, guilt, grief, fear of ridicule, fear of failure and psychological reversals. Allows: Self-acceptance, self-empowerment, and compassion for self and others. (Governing Meridian)

♦ ♦ CH (7) Chin Point - Located just under the bottom lip, in the depression between the lip and the chin.

Releases: Confusion, uncertainty, shame, embarrassment and second guessing decisions. Allows: Clarity, certainty, confidence, and self-acceptance. (Central Meridian)

♦ ♦ CB (8) Collar Bone Point - Just below the knob of the collarbone and next to the depression below the Adam 's apple

Releases: Psychological reversal, feeling stuck, indecision, worry, and general stress. Allows: Ease in moving forward, confidence, and clarity. (Kidney Meridian - Adrenal Gland Function)

♦ ♦ UA (9) Under Arm Point - About six inches directly below the arm pit (on the bra strap for the women).

Releases: Guilt, worry, obsessing, hopelessness, insecurity, and poor self esteem. Allows: Clarity, confidence, relaxation, and compassion for self and others. (Spleen Meridian)

Happy Tapping :)

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