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Heart Breathing

This technique is adapted from the work of the HeartMath Institute, ( which is a group of doctors and psychiatrists who are studying heart rate coherence and its effect on physical and mental health.

Start by bringing your awareness to your heart and as you do, imagine breathing deeply, in and out, as though from your heart. You might want to hold your hand over your heart to keep your awareness there as you breathe through it. Be sure your breathing is smooth, unforced and comfortable. Although this is not difficult to do, It may take a little time to become used to it, and soon you will establish your own natural rhythm. Just drop your mind to your heart and breathe. And as you do, bring to mind, and then send through your heart all the things you are grateful for. As you keep doing this with every breath, you will notice it’s physically impossible to feel anxious and grateful at the same time. They’re two completely different vibrations and gratitude will always come out on top as it vibrates at a much higher frequency.

The heart is the strongest emitter of electromagnetic energy in the body. By doing this exercise you are beginning to entrain your brain into a coherent and more relaxed brain wave state.

The heart sends information to the brain in numerous ways: electromagnetically, which is how EKGs work; through the pulse, which sends information through a blood pressure wave; and biochemically, through releasing atrial peptide, a hormone that inhibits other stress hormones.

Practice this breathing throughout the day, knowing that as soon as you want to feel more calm and centered you can drop immediately to your heart and breathe. Do this when you want to clear out an old way of thinking or being. Just drop that thought to your heart and filter it out through your heart and you will entrain your energy into a calmer place where you can then more easily focus on how you want to feel instead and what you/re already grateful for.

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